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Video made by Inge van Heerde - This is a small part of the movie

Video made by PPP-productions - Art Forever

“Dissolve In Space” is a collaborative project by Krisztina Czika and Inge van Heerde.

The work has developed from a mutual interest of a specific space in Galerie Pouleouff. While both of them have been working on their own projects alongside with three others artists for the “Spacemakers” led by Tanja Smeets, they soon have figured out they are both interested in the cellar as a space in the Galerie. 

Krisztina and Inge found the cellar a fascinating atmosphere for their work for different reasons.

While Krisztina was interested in the acoustic and potential possibilities to interact with the space in relation to sound using paper waste and her self build machine Inge was fascinated by the architecture and her body and self related to it. While experimenting with their work, it soon started to intertwine and collaborate. 

Krisztina’s machine was shooting and throwing paper pulp onto the walls generating some sort of growth with the material in the space, when Inge found herself physically being part of this process.

Her body and self against the wall, holding up an uncomfortable position while the paper pulp slowly covers her body and fades her existence in this space.

“Dissolve In Space” is a fifteen minutes long video documentation of the experiment seeking for the limits of the body, the space, the material and time. The viewer witnesses how Inge gradually become one with the material and the space.

It is a serene, as well an uncomfortable image. The viewer can easily find him or herself associated with the situation in a metaphoric sense. 

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